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The Braha Sutras, Insights From a Lifetime of Vedic Astrology 


Straight talk on issues found nowhere else for all levels of experience! 216 of the most challenging issues based on 10,000+ birth charts.

500 pages, © 2022. Formats:




The Braha Sutras is the culmination of James Braha’s forty years of astrological experience analyzing over 10,000 horoscopes. This is his most comprehensive book yet–he divulges all the wisdom he has gained from his practice in 500 pages.

With the remarkable clarity and insight for which he is known, James clarifies 216 of the most challenging birth chart issues for astrologers.

An invaluable reference for students of both Hindu and Western astrology at all levels of experience.


Readable and entertaining in any order:

  1. The Being
  2. The Doing
  3. The Predictions
  4. The Nodes
  5. The Clients
  6. The Upayas (gems, mantras, and yagyas)
  7. The Odds and Ends

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