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How to Predict Your Future: the Power of Planetary Transits (Secrets of Eastern and Western Astrology) 


A reference text teaching the best methods that Western and Hindu astrology has to offer in predicting a person’s future.

521 pages. © 1995 re-issued in 2023 with a new cover.



This hard-hitting, plain spoken planetary transit book is written for amateurs and professionals and leaves no doubts or questions as to the precise meaning of each astrological feature.

It’s the first comprehensive transit book to appear Since Robert Hand’s was written nearly twenty years ago! Very well reviewed.


The first 382 pages of the text gives in-depth explanations of the outer planets (Jupiter through Pluto) transiting all twelve houses and all transiting aspects they make.

The final 138 pages instruct the reader in the Vimsottari dasa system, the predictive method that enables Hindu astrologers to make startlingly accurate predictions about periods in a person’s life. The Hindu material is written in a very understandable fashion guiding the reader gracefully into the profound teachings of the ancient Hindu astrological seers.

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