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What People Are Saying About James Braha’s book, Living Reality

There are many books of satsang question and answer sessions with current teachers of Advaita. This one is superior to most of them on at least four counts. Firstly, the teacher is ‘Sailor’ Bob Adamson, possibly the clearest and most authentic living teacher. Secondly, instead of questions from many different seekers, those here are mainly from a single person, the author, and hence are much more coherent and focused. Thirdly, James Braha has provided valuable links between sections, in which he is able to summarize and express his own extensive understanding of the topics under discussion. Finally – and this is the factor that especially recommends it – the whole book is presented as a real-life adventure, in which we share the excitement of a prolonged visit by an enlightened teacher.

Dennis Waite, Author of ONE – Essential Writings on Non-Duality and Back to the Truth: 5,000 Years of Advaita

There may be other books that share nonduality as satisfyingly as Braha’s does, but probably none surpass it. And perhaps no other book in the nonduality genre brings a living sage, in this case Sailor Bob Adamson, so close to you, in a physical and “real” sense, in the way this book does.

The dialogues are realistic talks with a group of nice people with Bob Adamson at the center of attention. The tone of the dialogues varies from serious to wildly free, but is always kept genuine by the presence of Bob. I like the dozen or so clear, color photographs very much, showing the main people in the book. They make for a special inclusion, unheard of in other nonduality books

Braha’s writings make up about one third of the book. The commentary precedes each of the dialogues with Bob and prepares the reader for them. James talks about his own experiences with nonduality, his developing spiritual life, about Bob’s visit, how it came about, and how it progresses. He brings the reader into the events as they unfold, so we feel we are with Bob and the rest of the gang when the dialogues are taking place.

Braha’s writings are as significant as Bob’s utterances. Thus this book transcends Bob and Braha and becomes about waking up itself. As well, this book includes all the elements readers want: a sage, a seeker or two, the sage’s wife, story of a physical journey, story of a spiritual journey (or two), dialogues with a sage, a collection of friends and others, color photographs, a sense of warmth, family, humanity, solid and identifiable beginning, middle, and end. The writing and editing are professional. Thus this is a great book. This book must be recommended along with the very best books on the teaching of nonduality.

Jerry Katz, Host of website

“As a transcript of dialogues with “Sailor” Bob Adamson, this already makes for a great book; however, it is much more than that, it is a lively and clear presentation of the non-dual perspective, and as the book progresses, we witness the unfolding of clarity for the author and his friends. Concepts and long-held opinions are gently washed away till the natural state is recognized as always and already fully here, closer than close as Everyday Presence Awareness.”

–Leo Hartong, Author of Awakening to the Dream

“A transformational encounter with a unique non-duality teacher. Fresh and original. Highly recommended.”

–Gregg Goode, Host of non-duality website

This book will become a modern classic representation of “the message.”

“Living Reality” is a very refreshing and a welcome addition to non duality. The writing has a friendly atmosphere and is a comfortable read. Many will find it to be of considerable value.

If one reads it with relaxed attention, some otherwise difficult topics may well open up in a new way. The main message comes through loud and clear. Anyone who is a bit tired of the “heavy” non-dual literature should get this new book – It is a welcome sharing of this living reality!

-By Gilbert Shultz, Host of Shining Through The Mind Website

“A fine contribution to the growing body of contemporary Advaita teaching.”

–Joan Tollifson, Author of Awake in the Heartland


I have never experienced a more powerful book than LIVING REALITY. Thank you for this. The questions, the answers, spoke so clearly and deeply, in appearance. Standing on my own two feet has never felt more relevant, more true. The repetition, the focus on ”no doer,” I could go on and on and on…almost the entire book has been underlined, pages folded over…this book has been lived, this book is living.

I just now finished and tears fell…gratitude’ fear that this understanding will fade’ saying good-bye to old friends’…..all of it, none of it…experiences in appearance…that which IS, IS. So much gratitude.


Dear James,

The book is super. Can’t believe I am grasping non-dual knowing. Gratitude is happening. Have been to short seminars with many fine teachers. Have read a multitude of books. BUT… your book is the one that made the knowing happen.


THANKS JAMES for the best book on adviata I have read. And I’ve read dozens. It blows my mind how many of the questions you ask Bob that have been plaqueing me and I’ve only read a sixth of the book. Thanks doesn’t really say how grateful I am! Much Love and Good Fortune.


Dear James

In the realm of appearances, your book inexplicably tipped “me” over. I spoke briefly with Bob, for confirmation as it were, and this piece of writing expresses as best as words can. You will notice images and metaphors which come directly from your book. Thank you.


Dear James,

Living Reality is an invaluable book. I really enjoy it and feel any serious Seeker of Self Realization should have a copy and read even a page or two daily.


James –

Thank you for using your considerable skills to write it all down and make it available for those interested.It felt like I was right there with you. Life will not be the same again. I wanted to make contact just to give you the most positive feedback I could. Thank you again.

S. P.

Hi James

I just wanted to compliment you on your book. It was the most readable and clear non-duality book I have read (I have read a lot). You and your friends asked Bob the same questions that most seekers (sorry to use that word) would ask. I feel I understand, to summarize I am the full stop, the silence. My mind, body and experiences are illusions. Only the background knowing is real. I will let this sink in for awhile, just wanted to say I really appreciated your book. Thanks,

R. Z.

Hi there James

I want to thank-you for writing the book ‘Living Reality’ I’m really enjoying it.

Kind regards,

S. M.

Dear James,

I have read both of Bob’s book twice in the past month, and I’m now in the middle of yours. Thank you for putting together this wonderful book. The dialogues you’ve recorded with Bob are a great help, as you and your friends go into so much detail with your questions. This is something that I’ve wanted for so many years: to find a completely ordinary person who would sit down with me and just talk about this Advaita stuff until I could exhaust all of my questions and find some certainty.

Anyway, thank you again, James. I truly hope your book becomes widely available, as it conveys such very profound simplicity and clarity. My best to you and yours! Much gratitude and all my best!


James –

What an insightful book you have written. You have asked of Bob all the ”silly” questions that I would be afraid to ask. Thank you so much.

C. A.

Dear, dear James,

I can not thank you enough – I am totally at a loss of words. Your book was beyond excellent…and know I got “It.”

Upon finishing the book, a short wave of tearful yet most grateful emotions came up. As I was lifting my hand up towards the sky to thank God for this gift and amazing grace, I suddenly became very tangibly aware that there was no one to thank and I put my hands down. It was just incredible.

My heartfelt thanks to you, Bob, and everyone else involved in creating the book.

With heartfelt blessings,

T. K.


I am enjoying the book page by page and then I read it again and again. WOW- Great just great. Just wanted to say thank you for writing it.

I thought you should know that your fine work is greatly appreciated.


M. S.

Hi James

Thanks so much for writing, “Living Reality”! We are speechless from the care, eloquence and thoroughness of it.


Hi James,

Thank you so very much. I have read hundreds of spiritual search books but your book ends the search. My quest has lasted 35 years. The whole book is beautifully written.

I love you and Sailor Bob for the understanding that is created by your books and presence.


Dear Mr. Braha,

I just love your book “Living Reality!” It is as inspirational as Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi. You have written a spiritual classic.

H. C.

Hi James,

I just finished ‘Living Reality’ a few days ago and it was very well done. I appreciated the way it was structured as a personal history making it a lot more real and interesting. Thank you.

M. C.

Dear James,

I just finished reading, pondering and enjoying “Living Reality” Thank you James, Bob, Kerry and all those who asked the questions I longed to ask.

M. G.


I’ve almost finished your book, Living Reality, and I wanted to tell you that I think it’s just really wonderful. So full of life, ordinariness, humor, honesty. There’s just uncompromising truth here on many levels, truth debunked of idols and squeaky clean images. It’s so refreshing. Some deep appreciation coming your way.

T. O.

Dear James,

Since reading Living Reality there has been a knowing ease only interrupted by the habitual urge to continue seeking. Thanks so much for writing Living Reality.

B. P.

Hi James,

I just finished “Living Reality.” Thank you! Â It really is a great record of this teaching.

T. M.

Dear James,

I was given a copy of your wonderful book. I am totally thrilled with the clarity and simplicity of Bob Adamson.

I am going to have a discussion group here in the UK centered on your book. Many thanks for sharing your amazing summer.

S. Y.

Dear Mr. Braha,

I am reading your book, “Living Reality,” and I haven’t even finished it yet, but I must express my gratitude to you for sharing your experience with us! I am savoring the book and the pointers are getting very, very clear….The way you organized the book takes me on the journey with you, and the pointers are repeated and seem to get deeper. I am really, really enjoying it and resonating very much with everything in it so far! Anyway, I want to thank you again for this book and for sharing yourself this way. I look forward to the rest of the book and any further writings that you may publish! Much love,

M. M.

James, thanks for the book. I have been reading it and it is having a profound effect on a shift in my understanding, even more so than Bob’s first book which I read two years ago now. I am not likely to go to any old satsangs.

P. C.


Your book is very, very, VERY good. It’s so different from what others have published, and so genuine. The best part of it is the disparate perspectives of the people interviewed.

J. N.


Just a note to thank you for your lively, heartfelt and compelling book on your summer with Sailor Bob. It is a work that I will return to again and again until the message singing out on every page finally sinks in, and is one I will recommend heartily to anyone and everyone interested in Bob’s teaching.

Again, thanks for the wonderful book.

S. T.

Hi James,

Just finished Living Reality early this morning. I don’t read much anymore, but your book is a real joy and Sailor Bob is a real gem in this infinite world of spiritual confusion. This Truth is so simple it is simply over-looked. As Bob says, “Nothing can be simpler than simplicity itself.” Thank you so much, James, for sharing Sailor Bob. My very best to you, Vashti and Julian.


Dear James.

Thank you so much for your fine book. It is really very special and a fine contribution to Advaita – understanding that – there is nothing to understand.

Namaste. H.

Hi James,

Just finished the book. Very moving, very sweet. It has been a tool to facilitate a recent yearning to understand more and more with a “non-dual focus” I have read many, many books over the years, retreats, teachers etc.

H. P.

Thank you so very much for the copy of LIVING REALITY. I have read hundreds of spiritual search books but your book ends the search. My quest has lasted 35 years.

I must say Chapter Seven: I Am That, Thou Art That – Now What’ is the bomb! No one I have ever read has approached those concepts. The whole book is beautifully written. I love you and Sailor Bob for the understanding that is created by your books and presence.

-John Kendall

Five * Stars

As I delve into this marvelous assortment of “Duets of Oneness” what knocks me over is the simplicty of the message (and the “messengers”) … there is a palpable sweetness and what some would call a Heart-Resonance that seeps into the reader from the space behind the words and the spaces on the page … DO NOT miss this one … for me this is the best book a seeker could read … IF the interest is in seeing through all the myths and expectations about the “Bliss of Enlightment” or some other such nonsense. This is a book for the Ripe and Ready … If he or she is TRULY interested in and “willling to go through the death of the apparent individuality!”

This is a text in the tradition of the great dialogues of Adi Shankara, Jnaneshwar, Nisargadatta and Ramana … and as such is much MORE than “A story of liberation, friendship, humor, and love, as Sailor Bob takes spiritual aspirants beyond the need for help, just as Nisargadatta Maharaj did for him thirty years ago…” It’s that, AND more.

This text directly and experientially signals the end of suffering and provides a space for the natural occurring of just that. It allows the seeker to SEE the space of the Pure I Consciousness (That I AM-ness, Oneness, Not Two) wherein that can occur for any seeker ready to have the seeking end, right here and right now. That seeing transforms life itself.

It is also “one of the warmest, most heartfelt treatises on non-duality ever written.” I love this book … not since I read Ramana Maharshi and Sailor Bob has anything so clear and present invaded my heart like this book does!

Here is a quote from Gilbert Schultz’ review (see comments) “There are even some examples of a boisterous egoist there that thinks ‘it’ has the understanding and makes definitive statements in an attempt to establish its position in relation to the ‘others’. That in itself is quite elucidating. The false passing itself off as genuine has a smell all of its own.

Amen to THAT … I say that from having experienced that boisterous egoic attitude myself on many occasions, to the dismay of my friends. Thank God that Bob and others … like James … are around to disabuse us of that bullshit! … I guess you could say I enthusiastically recommend it !

Charlie Hayes, The Eternal State

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