Planetary Yagyas

One of the most powerful upayes (antidotes) of all is called a yagya (also spelled yajna). A yagya, sometimes called Homa or Puja) is a religious or spiritual ceremony performed by a Hindu pundits in order to alleviate karmic difficulties. It is generally the most preferred method to ameliorate a crisis situation or a dangerous, life threatening dasa bhukti.

Yagyas performed for an individual are significantly more effective than group yagyas, performed for many people at once.

YAGYA WEBSITE for information, or to sign up for yagyas 

NOTE: When ordering yagyas, it is crucial to know the organization that is performing them. The link above is to an organization I have used for many years with excellent results. They will ask for your birth data, a current photograph of the person requesting the prayers, and some other simple information. They will also ask for the PURPOSE of the prayers – health, career, children, love, relief of crisis, and so on. During or after the prayers, they will send photos of the priests praying for you (with your photo in the center of the ceremony) and an audio where you hear a portion of their chanting.

YAGYAS :  9 days with 7 priests praying for 3 hours a day is $525 (as of January 2024). The three-day yagya is $300.

  YAGYA VIDEOS  – Below are two videos where I speak about yagyas and gems. To hear several more, go to the YOUTUBE tab above and search for other yagya videos I have made. 

Yagyas are mentioned in Hindu scriptures as an offering or sacrifice whereby Vedic pundits chant mantras, bringing a planetary energy into existence. This phenomenon creates an enjoyment or happiness to the “god” or force of nature involved, creating a desire in that entity to give a “beneficial exchange.” The result is often an experience of grace and intervention on behalf of the person requesting the yagya.

What Happens at a Yagya

In the course of the yagya, the priest lights a fire, burns candles and incense, and throws ghee (clarified butter) into the flames. Also, the priests chant mantras for all nine planets – the original seven as well as Rahu and Ketu. Below are yagyas for my son (see his face in the photo in the left box, and myself, in the photo below on right).

When to Schedule a Yagya

Yagyas, also called homas or pujas, should be done during difficult or crisis periods, to remove intense obstacles or problems. However, they are often also done to fulfill important desires. I have seen yagyas work in my own life and for others many times. Sometimes they produce miraculous results, sometimes they are more subtle. Yagyas, when done properly, always give some benefit, however they do not always produce what a person prays for. This, to an extent, could depend on how intense a person’s negative karma may be. Most important, individuals receiving yagyas should always be receptive to information that may arise during or after the 9 days of chanting. Especially, with health problems, a person may change doctors or hear of some healing method unknown before the ceremony. Finally, one should be on the lookout for benefits that come from the yagya that were not necessarily on the mind when obtaining the yagya. This has been my experience over many decades.

Yagya Stories

I once invited a Hindu priest into my home to do what is called a Mars Yagya. The priest suggested this yagya because he noticed that in my horoscope and in so many of my friends’ horoscopes there were indications of love problems.

Interestingly, I invited my brother to the ceremony not because of his love life, but because he was in the middle of the worst dasa of his life and had experienced non-stop problems for several years. His biggest difficulty was in his profession where he was being blatantly sabotaged and undermined by his own bosses. For months, I had advised him to quit and find another job. But, having suffered so many career problems in the previous two years, he had no confidence to make a move.

Within one week after the yagya, my brother was fired from his job! My brother and I were both slightly shocked by what occurred until three or four days later when he found the exact same kind of job under extremely different circumstances. In his new job, my brother’s bosses were supportive beyond the call of duty. They went out of their way to make him feel welcomed and to help in any way they could with his sales.

Another Experience

Another friend who took part in the ceremony that day reaped extraordinary results, only his were more related to love matters – the prescribed purpose of the Mars yagya. This friend had been divorced for eight or nine years by now, and had endured one short term relationship after another. His pattern of failed relationships was so unrelenting that by now even he hardly believed in his prospects for marriage. Within days after the Mars yagya, he met a woman he was certain he would marry. Within a year they did marry.

Yagya for a Court Battle

There is also the case of one of my clients who saved thousands of dollars because of a yagya. This woman was involved in a court case where she was suing a school for an accident that occurred to her child. For whatever reasons, she lost the court case and was now in deep trouble because the school decided to sue her for court costs, which amounted to over $25,000. In court, the judge advised her attorney that unless he could cite a previous case in law history that was similar to this one, where the defendant was relieved of paying court costs, then his client would have to pay.

Having been advised to obtain a yagya, she called Pandu Malyala, a priest in Pittsburgh who performs yagyas locally or long distance. In tears, my client relayed her problems and asked for help. She explained that her attorney had searched high and low for a law case of precedent that would work in her favor, but one did not seem to exist. Shortly after the yagya was performed, her stunned lawyer called to say that, unbelievably, he had just come across a favorable, two-month old court case that “appeared on his desk.” (I assume this meant in a law article or magazine.) My client saved a fortune.

Venus Yagya Video Clip

How to Obtain Yagyas

  • Marie Viglas travels to India yearly to monitor the organization she works with. After your yagya, Marie sends photos of the ceremony performed for you. They show the priests praying with the head shot photo you provide nearby.
  • The Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago (708) 972-0300.
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