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  • Book cover of How to Predict Your Future by James Braha shows eight planets and the Moon against deep violet space with a nebula type formation.
    How to Predict Your Future: the Power of Planetary Transits (Secrets of Eastern and Western Astrology) 


    A reference text teaching the best methods that Western and Hindu astrology has to offer in predicting a person’s future.

    521 pages. © 1995 re-issued in 2023 with a new cover.



  • Book cover of How to Be a Great Astrologer by James Braha has luminous outlines of a geometrical figure inside of another, against a deep teal blue image of space with cloud like nebulae.
    How to be a Great Astrologer: the Planetary Aspects Explained 


    Simply the best book on Western planetary aspects (squares, trines, sextiles, and oppositions)!

    273 pages. © 1992 re-issued in 2023 with a new cover.



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