Sailor Bob Song

SAILOR BOB, THE SAILOR MAN written and performed by James Braha.

Sailor Man, music and lyrics by James Braha. Allow 5 – 10 seconds if song doesn’t play immediately.
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Sailor Bob, the Sailor Man Lyrics

Lost in the middle of the sea   
The sailor man came to me
Praying for a taste of truth
Devoured by the search since youth
Thirty years along the road
'Til Sailor man broke the code
A life of desire and fear
Disappears in the final frontier
Tossed like a feather in the breeze
Shouting my demands and pleas
Sailor man heard this cry
Listen son to my reply
If you really want to know what I see
Pierce the illusion of a me
Time and space never last
There cannot be a future or a past
The sweetness of this humble man
Melts your heart like no one can
Points the way, today’s the Day
That’s the plan of the Sailor man
And that is why I love this guy
Tried every truth that came along  
Every damn path turned wrong
Everywhere a big lofty goal
And no one ever left feeling whole
But Sailor man knew what was real
Just look below what you feel
Underneath every thought and every sense
Indescribable space immense
Thought my search would never end
Til I met an ocean going friend
One lovely night he said to me
Words I didn’t know I could see
Just have a look or a peak
We already are what we seek
Underneath the many is the one
Like fire creates the sun
Repeat Chorus
When thoughts lose their power of belief  
Then comes peace and relief
Events aren’t ever what they seem
Welcome the imaginary dream
Just like clouds hide the sun
The many overshadows the one
It’s all a great big play
Sailor man came to say
Don’t put the horse before the cart
There never was an end or a start
Never was a time we were not
The mind plays a game it forgot
Just like Strawberry fields
Nothing in this world is real
Like rainbows in the sky we see
There never was a you or a me
Repeat Chorus
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