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Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer REVISED & EXPANDED


Critics call this book “a masterpiece” and “the clearest exposition of Hindu astrology ever written” and “the classic reference on Hindu astrology for westerners.”

564 pages; © 2020 Revised & expanded has 200 more pages than the 1986 edition.



With Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer James Braha takes the mystery and confusion out of Hindu (Vedic) astrology and guides the student step by step. Learn to predict marriage, childbirth, fame, illnesses, and karmic rewards with this 6,000 year-old highly predictive system of the ancient seers that was first known as Jyotish. Though originally written for Westerners, it has been so well received that many Indians and Easterners also use it as a reference text.

Elegantly designed, now in its 9th printing, the book has been a best seller since 1986. Filled with beautiful illustrations throughout. Revised and Expanded in 2020. A comprehensive introductory book on how to learn and practice Hindu/Vedic astrology. It is both an easy to understand manual on the subject as well as a reference text.

Included in this Revised & Expanded Masterwork

  • The 200 additional pages include nuanced and practical information that took the author 20 years of practice to learn.
  • 180 pages of planets in house descriptions
  • 125 page section of fourteen in-depth chart interpretations of famous people, from entertainers to U.S. presidents to world leaders such as John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson. New for 2020: Donald Trump.
  • Chapters devoted to the basic terms and concepts: the Chakra (birth chart); Grahas (the planets plus Rahu and Ketu); Bhavas (the horoscope houses); Rasis (the zodiac signs); Drishtis (the planetary aspects); Rajayogakarakas (the “royal unions” or special planetary relationships); Dasas and Bhuktis (planetary periods), and much more.
  • Traditional remedies for the karma of planetary afflictions with Upayes (gems, mantras, and yagyas).
  • 220 pages on planets in the twelve houses.
  • Diagrams and beautiful illustrations
  • Much, much more—Vargas (divisional charts), Kujadosha, Great Years of the Planets, Planetary Friendships, Free Will vs Predestiny, Retrograde Planets, and still more.



“This book is not only the best introduction to Hindu astrology that there is, it is a superbly written astrology book in its own right. James Braha has done an excellent job of making the reasoning process of astrology clear to the reader, especially considering that it is Hindu astrology he writes about . . . The book fills an enormous gap and fills it well. With this book under one’s belt, the others begin to make sense. Even the Hindu books then becomes understandable to someone who has not had the chance to study under an Hindu astrologer. I think James T. Braha has written something of a masterpiece here!”
Robert Hand


“This is a book to be warmly welcomed. Here finally is a concise and comprehensible text which very clearly and effectively presents the event oriented astrology of the East. This is a very important book!”
Astrological Review— England

“This is the clearest exposition of Hindu astrology I have ever seen. The book deserves to be the classic reference on Hindu astrology for Western readers.”
Teresa Hamilton— Inst.
East West Studies for The Mercury Hour

“This easily-understood reference book will be of great help to astrology lovers who have previously found the Hindu system very hard to grasp . . . BRAVO!
Marion March
for Aspects Magazine

“James T. Braha’s book deserves to become the classic reference on Hindu astrologers for Western readers. A better book could not be written!”
Kosmos Magazine— I.S.A.R.


Revised and Expanded in 2020 with 200 extra pages (564 pages total); first published in 1985. Illustrations and charts.

  • Softcover 8.5 x 1.28 x 11 inches, ISBN 979-8671375695
  • eBook (Amazon)
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