Full Birth Chart Interpretation

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  • A 60-75 minute long Vedic and Western astrological full life birth chart interpretation with James Braha by phone or Skype (or Zoom if you provide link).
  • Includes thorough analysis of current and long term dasa bhukti periods and subperiods. And, is more in-depth for the next 3-4 years using transits of Jupiter and Saturn in Vedic chart, as well as Western progressions and transits.
  • Gemstone recommendations, and mantra and yagya prescriptions are also explained.
  • Your telephone conversation with James will be recorded in mp3 format and the recording will be sent to you 20-30 minutes after the session.

Appointments are usually scheduled for 11:00 am or 2:00 pm Eastern Time. Expect to use Skype if you reside outside of the United States or Canada. Or Zoom, if client provides the link.


  • Your birth data: that’s your time of birth, and place, as well as date. Birth times from birth certificates are preferred, if possible. If birth time is not listed on U.S. birth certificate, please contact BUREAU OF VITAL STATISTICS in the state of birth. NOTE: Birth certificates are, more often than not, far superior to parents’ memories.
  • A phone number, or your Skype name, to call.
  • Payment of $399 via Paypal, credit card, or $375 by check: e mail for address. Updates are $299, or $275 by check.

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