Iceland, 1990 (photographed for Heimsmynd magazine)

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  • Book cover of The Braha Sutras by James Braha showing a shimmering lotus-like lamp against a rich shaded maroon background.
    The Braha Sutras, Insights From a Lifetime of Vedic Astrology 


    Straight talk on issues found nowhere else for all levels of experience! 216 of the most challenging issues based on 10,000+ birth charts.

    500 pages, © 2022. Formats:




  • Book cover of Art and Practice of Ancient Hindu Astrology by James Braha the author against a background of the deep blue starry cosmos with light emerging from behind a nebula.
    The Art and Practice of Ancient Hindu Astrology: Nine Intimate Sessions Between Teacher and Student 

    Students report that they have been able to make the leap from hobbyist to professional astrologer with this book.

    460 pages, © 2020 rev. from 2001.


    eBook Part I

    eBook Part II

  • Book cover of Ancient Hindu Astrology by James Braha with a South Indian birth chart of planet glyphs framed with red and white against royal blue.
    Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer REVISED & EXPANDED


    Critics call this book “a masterpiece” and “the clearest exposition of Hindu astrology ever written” and “the classic reference on Hindu astrology for westerners.”

    564 pages; © 2020 Revised & expanded has 200 more pages than the 1986 edition.



  • Book cover of Living Reality by James Braha is awash with sunrise colors.
    Advaita (Nondualism)
    Living Reality: My Extraordinary Summer with “Sailor” Bob Adamson


    A story of liberation, friendship, humor, and love. One of the warmest, most heartfelt writings on non-duality.

    355 pages. Black and white photos throughout.



  • Book cover of How to Predict Your Future by James Braha shows eight planets and the Moon against deep violet space with a nebula type formation.
    How to Predict Your Future: the Power of Planetary Transits (Secrets of Eastern and Western Astrology) 


    A reference text teaching the best methods that Western and Hindu astrology has to offer in predicting a person’s future.

    521 pages. © 1995 re-issued in 2023 with a new cover.



  • Book cover of How to Be a Great Astrologer by James Braha has luminous outlines of a geometrical figure inside of another, against a deep teal blue image of space with cloud like nebulae.
    How to be a Great Astrologer: the Planetary Aspects Explained 


    Simply the best book on Western planetary aspects (squares, trines, sextiles, and oppositions)!

    273 pages. © 1992 re-issued in 2023 with a new cover.



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