Astrological Gemstones

The True Birth Stone

Astrological Quality Gems (for purchase)

NOTE: It is critical to purchase gemstones that are Jyotish (astrological) quality. Wearing a gems that is cracked, flawed, and poor quality is a waste of money and will have no effect at all, positive or negative.

The planet that corresponds to the lagna (the ascendant or first house) is considered one’s birth planet. The stone corresponding to that planet is called the birth stone, and should be worn until one’s death. By wearing the gemstone that corresponds to the first house, the most important house of a horoscope, the person strengthens his or her image, confidence, well-being, self- esteem, and the ability to gain recognition. The effects of gemstones are subtle, but they are profound enough for most individuals to notice a positive difference when first beginning to wear the stone. After that, the gem is of course still effective, but may not be as obvious to the wearer. As indicated in the graph below, the gemstone for Mercury is emerald. Therefore, a person with a Virgo or Gemini ascendant should wear an emerald because Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini. A person with a Sagittarius ascendant must wear yellow sapphire (see below) because that is the stone of Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius. (Warning – these recommendations apply to a person’s Hindu/Vedic birth chart, not the Western one. Wearing improper astrological gemstones can be harmful.).

NOTE: Gems should be a MINIMUM of one-and-a-half or two carats each – not several chips adding up to 2 carats. Larger stones – 3, 4, 5, even 8 or 10 carats – generate more power. Most importantly, one must be extremely careful in choosing an honest gem dealer. Many people choose jewellers outside of the United Sates where prices are cheaper, but the quality is very poor. For some reason, this occurs quite often in India. Generally, the company should advertise as an astrological gem dealer. This doesn’t guarantee the dealer’s integrity, but in the United States, it is usually significant. It often happens that clients that purchased stones in India trying to sell their used rings back to American astrological gem dealers bring in stones that are very low quality, even though having paid rather high costs. If the gemstone has significant flaws and imperfections, there will be no benefit from that stone whatsoever. Also, gems must be cut and polished, not raw crystals. REPEAT: If a gemstone has significant flaws and imperfections, there will be no benefit from that stone.

PlanetPrimary GemstoneSecondary Gemstones
Sunred rubyhigh quality red garnet
Marsred coralcarnelion
Mercurygreen emeraldGreen tourmaline, green peridot
Jupiteryellow sapphireYellow topaz, citrine
VenusdiamondWhite sapphire, white zircon, white beryl
Saturnblue sapphireblue spinel, blue tanzanite, (I do NOT recommend amethyst)
Rahuhessonite (also called gomed)spessartite
Ketuchrysoberyl (cat’s eye)tiger eye, turquoise

Every person should always wear two gemstones: the true birth stone and one for the current planetary period (dasa).

Having a Taurus ascendant, Venus is my birth planet. Venus is quite afflicted in my birth chart, being one degree away from malefic Ketu (South Node) and two degrees away from malefic Mars. This has hurt confidence, recognition, well-being, early childhood, and other first house matters. Further, the ascendant ruler (Venus) being placed next to Mars and Ketu causes an extremely introspective and mystical nature because Ketu represents metaphysical and astral phenomenon and Mars rules the twelfth house of my horoscope, the house of spiritual and other-worldly experiences. Therefore, aside from a strong spiritual and metaphysical nature, I have always experienced a strong sense of alienation from the world. During adulthood, for some reason, the effects have been particularly annoying. In my early thirties, when I began wearing my Hindu astrological birthstone (diamond for Venus) the perpetually disturbing moods disappeared entirely within a few months. Confidence increased and I experienced greater equanimity in love matters, another one of Venus’ significations. The best effect, however, was eliminating my alienating moods and that was quite a welcome and unexpected surprise.

Dasa Gemstones

As well, one should wear the gemstone corresponding to the current planetary period in Vedic astrology called a dasa. A gemstone worn for a particular dasa should be removed after the dasa ends, unless the stone also happens to be appropriate to wear throughout one’s entire life; beginners should consult an expert.

On the other hand, wearing an inappropriate stone can produce harmful effects. Many years ago, I saw a client who had been out of work for over a year. The ascendant of this woman’s horoscope was Virgo and therefore Mercury was her birth planet and emerald her birth stone. Having a Virgo ascendant meant that Mercury was ruling her tenth house (Gemini), the realm of career success – the area of her current problems. As fate would have it, this woman needed a Mercury stone (green emerald) in a big way because Mercury in her horoscope was seriously afflicted by being only two degrees away from malefic Saturn. As I was advising her to purchase an emerald (or green tourmaline if she could not afford emerald), I noticed that she wore a beautiful, and quite costly, three or four carat blue sapphire that her mother had given her. Blue sapphire, unfortunately for her, is the stone of Saturn and since Saturn was the planet damaging Mercury, the planet of confidence, self-esteem, and career in her horoscope, strengthening Saturn was the worst stone she could wear!

I told my client to get rid of the sapphire and to put on an emerald or tourmaline. About two or three weeks later, she called and excitedly informed me that after removing the large blue sapphire she started feeling lighter and more at ease than she had felt in years. She also said that she had, at long last, finally secured “a perfect job.” Stories like this are common amongst Vedic astrologers.

Gemstone Quality

Gemstones should be very high quality and they must be natural. This means gems should not be heated, dyed, and chemically altered. Stones do not absolutely need to touch the skin, but there should not be metal under the stone, if possible. It is unimportant where the stones are worn, as long as they feel comfortable. Most importantly, gems should be large, two carats or more if possible, and devoid of flaws and imperfections. If this is not possible, one should consider purchasing a slightly smaller gem or a “secondary” stone – a stone which is similar in color and chemical properties to the traditional gem. Because secondary stones are weaker in their effects, however, their size should be increased. Also, wearing several tiny “chips” that add up to two or three carats is entirely ineffective. The gem must be large and pure to give noticeable benefits. Interestingly, the way many Indians chose gems is by picking one they like and taping it to their body for a few hours or a day. They then pay close attention to their moods and the positive or negative news that comes their way while wearing the stone.

Other Upayes

One of the most powerful upayes of all is called a yagya (also spelled yajna). A yagya is a religious or spiritual ceremony performed by a Hindu priest in order to alleviate karmic difficulties and this is generally the most preferred method to ameliorate a crisis situation or a dangerous, life-threatening dasa bhukti.

Another way to heal afflicted planets and difficult dasas and bhuktis is to chant astrological mantras. These are the same mantras that the Hindu priest performing a yagya chants, although yagyas include additional ceremonial material. Some Westerners will find chanting astrological mantras comfortable while others may not.

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