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                      The Braha Sutras - Insights from a lifetime of VEDIC ASTROLOGY


The Braha Sutras Insights from a lifetime of VEDIC ASTROLOGY

The Braha Sutras is the culmination of James Braha’s forty years of astrological experience. In his most comprehensive book yet, James clarifies 216 of the most challenging birth chart issues for astrologers. With the remarkable clarity and insight for which he is known, James shares everything he has gained from his practice, having analyzed over 10,000 horoscopes.

This 500 page reference is comprised of seven chapters: The Being, The Doing, The Predictions, The Nodes, The Clients, The Upayas (gems, mantras, and yagyas), and The Odds and Ends. It is invaluable for students of both Hindu and Western astrology at all levels of experience.

Also check out his previous book, The Art and Practice of Ancient Hindu Astrology. It is an unprecedented work in which renowned astrologer James Braha demonstrates the need for synergy between Hindu astrological theory and actual experience. Its purpose is to provide students with the knowledge necessary to gain a quantum leap in predictive accuracy.

As an “experience-first” astrologer who accepts no astrological technique blindly, the author has thoroughly tested the fundamental techniques of this system. Page after page, techniques that work powerfully are distinguished from those that are mediocre, inconsistent, or unreliable. Although originally designed for intermediate and advanced students, beginners who study an introductory chapter (“Appendix A”) can easily follow this lucid text, saving years of frustration and confusion. Over fifty horoscope examples are included as well as numerous lists demonstrating how to prioritize the myriad positive and negative aspects of analysis that challenge every Hindu astrologer.

 If you love James Braha’s classic text, and want to be the most accurate predictive astrologer possible, this brilliantly conceived book is for you. Enjoy!

James Braha is one of the most respected names in astrology today. His four other classics include: Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer,How to Predict Your Future; Secrets of Eastern and Western Astrology,How To Be a Great Astrologer: The Planetary Aspects Explained, and Astro-Logos, Language of Life. James Braha is known worldwide for his fascinating lectures and workshops. His books are acclaimed for their clarity, directness, and accessibility. 



THE ART AND PRACTICE OF ANCIENT HINDU ASTROLOGY; Nine Intimate Sessions Between Teacher and Student

 “This book is jam packed with so much information that students will want to read it many times over, learning something new each time. 
Anyone wishing to gain an improved understanding of Hindu astrology should have this book.  It is one of the most well written, clear and detailed texts on Vedic astrology… James Braha is a master of his craft.  He possesses a fine understanding of his subject, especially in how it is applied in the Western world, and he is able to convey his knowledge in a smooth, easy to follow, conventional style, in plain, easy to understand language!
  After reading it, this reviewer was stimulated to get out and re-read Braha’s earlier classic Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer.  Like that previous book, this new one by James Braha is highly recommended!”

 “Not all of us are able to move to India to learn in a master/student apprenticeship.  Recognizing our crying need for contact with a skilled teacher, James Braha invites us into a tutorial with him.  This brilliant book consists of transcriptions of private classes James held with student Martin Timmons.  James takes us through the interpretation of actual Vedic charts: how do retrograde planets act, what is the effect of combustion, what are the nodes up to, how do you read planets that seem to be both “good” and “bad” at the same time?
James is the author of the all-time classic Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer.  His
New book is an invaluable sequel!”

“This book should be added to every astrologer’s bookshelf, not only for its insights, but for its honesty.
There is a passage in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras that states that by speaking truth consistently, whatever the person says will come true.  James Braha has followed that path, and this is one of the clearest and most effective paths to predictive accuracy.
Mr. Braha does a superb job of questioning and analyzing some commonly held misconceptions regarding Hindu techniques, including the seven and a half year Saturn transit called Sadi Sati; the use of remedial measures; and how certain planetary combinations do work, as opposed to the way in which the classical texts say they should work.  This information is invaluable for both the beginning and advanced student, and offers great insight as to how an experienced astrologer’s mind works.”

“Quite an amazing work!  Indeed, this is a must-have text.”

“Highly recommended for ALL levels of Vedic astrology!”




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