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Chapter 2

Freewill VS. Predestiny

The text you are about to read is a detailed account of how I used astrology  to realize my destiny and purpose. The story, though entirely personal, is not  written to reveal the details of my life. It is written to teach others how to  derive the fullest benefit from the information within their astrological  birthcharts. I am also writing to introduce Westerners to the magnificence of  Hindu predictive astrology, also known as Jyotish or Vedic astrology.

In 1979, I began a period of dramatic life changes that culminated four years  later in the actualization of my life's work. By fully trusting the positive  features of my birthchart and by delving deeply and with great commitment into  the whys and wherefores of the star language, I was able to maximize my talents  and potentials and achieve a degree of self-actualization I had been fervently  seeking for years.

Self-actualization is a universal phenomenon. Everyone seeks to find their  perfect niche, their primary mission. And nearly all people sense that a  significant part of their existence is fated or predetermined from birth.  Unfortunately however, due to the astrology's fallen status in recent centuries,  the knowledge of how to use this wonderful science for its greatest value has  largely been lost. Astro-Logos, which reads merely as an interesting story about  a Hindu astrologer, is actually an educational text, a how-to manual for those  who want to use astrology to gain significant insights and a degree of  self-actualization in some particular area.

This book encompasses a great many topics other than divining the future.  Fate, free will, enlightenment, love relationships, the ethics of astrology,  gurus, astrological mantras, altering one's preordained karma, and many more  subjects are examined from both metaphysical and spiritual perspectives. While  readers will relate to each particular topic differently, depending on personal  interest, there is an underlying universal theme running throughout. This theme  is the search for fulfillment - the quest to discover one's greatest talents and  potentials and to realize one's unique purpose. And it is here that each reader  will make his or her visceral connection to the text. Once the connection is  made, a significant transformational learning process begins. Interestingly, the  process occurs whether or not one is familiar with his or her astrological  birthchart.

What the text offers the reader depends upon exactly where one stands within  his or her own self-actualization process. Some readers will be captivated by  what Astro-Logos has to say about love matters and finding one's ideal mate.  Others will be preoccupied with more spiritual realities; for example, the  information an astrological birthchart reveals regarding finding one's fastest  spiritual path. Individuals who are consumed with wealth and gaining fame will  gain insight into the purpose of such desires from the astrological perspective.  Readers who wonder why certain features of their lives seem out of their control  while other areas work perfectly well are about to find out why. The list of  subjects goes on and on.

Astro-Logos, the title of this book, means "star language" in Greek. I chose  this name because so many people associate "astrology" with the superficial  material in Sun Sign columns, carnival gypsies, and charlatan fortune tellers.  Most people have never experienced an actual astrological birthchart  interpretation based upon the date, place, and exact time of birth. These days,  astrology is even confused with numerology, psychic phenomenon, and tarot cards.

One final note. The first edition of this book was titled Astro- Logos,  Language of Life. Some of the original material, now outdated, has been deleted.  A new section regarding astrological mantras and yagyas (Hindu religious  ceremonies to strengthen afflicted planets and alleviate life problems indicated  in the birthchart) has been added. That section appears in the preface and  contains possibly the most important information in this book. Without  astrological yagyas, I would be helpless to assist many clients with severe  afflictions in their birthcharts.

Astro-Logos was great fun to write. I hope you find it enjoyable to read.